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It's the evening of May 29, 2012 and the amazing Doc Watson has passed to that great jam session in the sky. I was listening to these recordings, and just had to pass them along to his many other fans.

These recordings of Doc Watson, along with Merle Watson, and T. Michael Coleman were done at a coffehouse called "The Whole" located in the basement of the student union at the Univesity of Minnesota in Minneapolis. The recording was done live during both sets on Feb 15, 1975 and I gave Doc Watson a copy of this about 10 years ago, and was thrilled to have him call me personally and thank me for the great memories.

The recording was done directly off the sound board mix, onto my Sony TC-377 reel to reel in mono.  I ran the sound board and the recorder, so I am responsible for the results...

The sets consisted of a lot of songs, but to make it simple I am just putting up each set complete:


And for more great classic unreleased folk music - try the Ginger Johnson, Dean Carr and Leo Kottke recordings.

Alan Peterman