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These cuts were recorded in a small room in the West Bank School of Music in Minneapolis. The recording was done in June 1970.

The recording was done directly off a single Electrovoice 644 microphone onto my Viking 433 reel to reel in mono. I ran the sound and the recorder, so I am responsible for the results...

Ginger was playing Dean Carr's little New Yorker Martin guitar. This pre Civil War guitar was strung with silk & steel strings and to control the tiny sound of this little guitar I had the microphone pointed away from the sound of Ginger's voice.

Ginger Johnson was about 17 at the time of this recording and she has now returned to Hawaii where she writes, repairs antiques, and still does some music.  In fact Ginger and Robin Knuebuhl have just (11/2004) released a new album of Hawaiian Music.  You can find out more at:  Hula Honeys - "Life Just Got Sweeter"

The 1970 music consisted of:

Alan Peterman