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These early recordings of Leo Kottke were done at a small, now defunct, coffehouse called "No Exit" located in the basement of the student union at Macalester College in St. Paul. The recording was done in early December, 1968 and I gave Leo a copy of the songs on cassette in 1996.

The recording was done directly off the sound board mix, onto my Viking 433 reel to reel in mono.  Microphones were an Electrovoice 644 on the guitar and a Turner 500 on the voice, if I remember right.  I ran the sound board and the recorder, so I am responsible for the results...

I believe Leo was playing a Guild 12 string and there were about 10 or 12 folks in the audience, including the 3 of us who were running the place.  Bob Oswood was the manager, I was doing the sound and someone was at the food counter..

The set consisted of:


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Alan Peterman